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Designing for deeper civic engagement

People all over the world are monitoring government performance and expressing their views in real time, thanks to constantly evolving technology and innovation.

Making All Voices Count (MAVC) finds, funds and learns from innovations that support accountable governance. Through the grant-making Challenge Fund, MAVC works with organisations eager to find new approaches to help people solve problems within their organisations.

MAVC engaged ThinkPlace to find ways to make it easier for transparency and governance organisations to use design-led innovation in their work. MAVC also asked us to develop in-house design capacity to help with the selection of the most innovative organisations who are boosting democracy by developing technology for government and citizen interaction.

Our team ‘retooled’ the way many of these organisations work, using design thinking training and a human-centered design manual. As a result, MAVC has built the design-led innovation capacity of its own organisational strategy, as well as for the technology enterprises they fund- leading to more user-centric, sustainable and effective initatives to engage the population.

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Making All Voices Count
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